The 2015 conference bears, but is not exclusive to, the following as its core issues and sub-themes, inviting abstracts in the realm of cultures of Turks and Turkey, whether they are located in or outside Turkey:

  • Culture in environment / Environment in culture
  •  Cultural conceptualizations and constructions of nature and environment
  •  Cultural ecology
  •  Cultural perception of environmental change
  • Environmental politics and policies
  • Environmental protest movements
  • The environment in art and literature
  • The environment in the media
  • Nature and education
  • Civil society and the environment
  • Culture, gender and the environment
  • Colonialism and the environment
  • Nature and mythology
  • Critical readings of folklore and religious texts on nature (Trees and Forests, Water, Rivers, Seas and shores, Lakes, Mountains, Rocks, etc.)
  • Culture of forest villages
  • Landscapes as cultural objects
  • Wars and the environment
  • Endangered species and ethics
  • Wild life politics
  • National laws, borders and the environment
  • Technology, culture and the environment

The conference is open to a variety of approaches and themes as long as they deal with the interaction of “culture” and “environment,” and are pertinent to the central focus of the conference.

Contributions based on original field research as well as textual analyses are welcome.